Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Stop Pretending That You Understand Evolution

All I wanted to do with this post was link to an article, but having written this title I am looking at it with admiration and fantasising about a blog with this title full of articles tearing apart the ridiculous Dunning-Kruger types who create evolutionary stories to justify whatever they like. I come across at least one example per day, where the proponent uses a confected evolutionary explanation to fit their own ideology and not only are they not scrutinsed or questioned sceptically but they are applauded.

To rectify such arrogance requires deconstructing their argument/story and providing a detailed explanation, with references, about how evolution has been found to work through 100 years of observation and experimentation - within 24 hours of being written so as not to be left unread. Then you have to deal with the denial and the further comments made from ignorance that follow.

So Here Is The Link

Having worked with Marlene Zuk many years ago I was drawn to read her book. This article gives a pretty good indication of the nature of the contents and I share the critique that it is sometimes trying to crack a nut with a sledgehammer. And here is an example of a paleofantasist with a poor grasp of the mechanics of natural selection and the details of human evolution.


  1. and for those into such things... this is a good read http://ncse.com/files/pub/legal/kitzmiller/expert_reports/2005-05-16_Shallit_expert_rebuttal_P.pdf

  2. and this http://educ.jmu.edu/~rosenhjd/sewell.pdf for those wanting more maths